SocialCar’s operations are completely transparent and legal. As well as meeting our own tax and employment obligations, the company works actively to encourage its users to do the same.

To this end, SocialCar:

  • 1. Creates the owner’s invoice, to ensure compliance with invoicing regulations.
  • 2. Informs its users of the rights and obligations involved in renting out a private vehicle with no driver (this activity does not require a specific license according to Article 133.1 of Law 16/87 on the Management of Land Transport).

Income and taxes

SocialCar advises its users to get personal tax advice for detailed personalised information on their rights and obligations, which will depend on their personal income. 

Ultimately, according to Spanish tax regulations, it is the owner that is responsible for declaring any taxes that derive from the income earned from renting out his or her vehicle.

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