What requirements must drivers meet?

Each advertiser is responsible for selecting the clients with whom they contract. 

As an example, we want to share with you the requirements of Spanish car rental agencies:

  1. Be Spanish (with ID) or resident in Spanish territory (with NIE). Foreigners must provide a copy of the passport and driver’s license by sending it to the advertiser.
  2. Have a Spanish, European or international driving license valid in Spain.
  3. Make the payment of the reservation before the pick up date.
  4. Have registered a valid phone number and email

On the other hand, the advertiser of the vehicle must refuse to allow a driver to drive his vehicle if:

  1. The driver is unfit to drive or is not the person identified on the reservation.
  2. The driver does not have valid driving documentation.
  3. It is evident their intention to use the vehicle in a way that is harmful to the advertiser (transport of toxic materials, delinquency, etc.).
  4. The driver has not made the payment of the reservation before the pick up date

Don’t forget

At the end it is always the advertiser who decides whether or not to accept the driver. In case of cancelling the reservation, it is the advertiser who must make the refund of the amounts paid.

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