What vehicles do you accept?

We accept cars and vans with no vehicle weight and/or engine power restrictions.

The basic requirements are:

  1. Have compulsory documentation (vehicle registration certificate, proof of payment of the insurance policy and the vehicle’s technical information sheet).
  2. Have passed the MOT (ITV: Inspección Técnica de Vehículos).
  3. Be up-to-date with annual road tax payments.
  4. Be in good mechanical, interior and exterior condition, and be fit to drive on the public highway.
  5. Have a spare wheel or puncture repair kit and the corresponding tools, hazard warning triangles, certified high visibility waistcoat and European-format statements of facts for accidents. It is the owner’s responsibility to meet these requirements.

Vehicles that are not accepted:

  1. We do not accept motorbikes, quadbikes or lorries.
  2. We do not accept vehicles that belong to commercial fleets, taxis, car hire companies or chauffeured cars that provide passenger transport services.

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