What requirements do the drivers have to meet?

To be a Social Car driver you must know the following requirements:

  • 1. Be a Spanish citizen (with a DNI) or a resident in Spanish territory (with a NIE). Foreign nationals must send a copy of their passport and driving license to the owner.
  • 2. Hold a Spanish, European or International ‘B’ class driving license that must be valid in Spain and that is at least 1 year old. Drivers must be over 21 years old to rent a car in Social Car.
  • 3. The driver must have not been charged under the influence of drugs or alcohol in the last 3 years.
  • 4. The driver must have not been charged for reckless driving and/or driving without insurance.
  • 5. The driver must have at least 6 points remaining on their driving license.
  • 6. The driver must also have a valid debit or credit card to make online payments.

The car's owner must deny a driving license in the following cases:

  • 1. The driver is not fit to drive or if he/she is not the person identified on the booking.
  • 2. The driver doesn't follow the requirements to be a Social Car driver.
  • 3. There is evidence that the driver intends to use the vehicle in a manner that is contrary to the Social Car contract (to transport hazardous materials, etc.).

- Please, find more information in terms and conditions.

Don’t forget

It is always the car's owner who decides whether to accept the driver or not.

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