How much will I earn? When will I get paid?

How much will I earn?

Social Car vehicle owners get 75% of the rental price that they have set.

Monthly earnings will depend a lot on the characteristics of your vehicle, the price you decide on and how you take care of your image on SocialCar. As a rough guide, if you have 2 rentals a month, of 3 or 4 days each, you can earn:
- €300 for a conventional car
- €500 for a special car (sports car, van, 4x4, etc.)

You can also get additional revenue by:
- Offering to deliver it to the airport (20€ for delivery and 20€ for return).
- Offering home delivery (20€ for delivery and 20€ for return)
- Excess mileage. SocialCar allows you to set a daily mileage allowance and anything above this will be charged at €0.15/km.

The owner will also be paid for any damages and penalties to which they are entitled as stipulated in the clauses of our Terms and Conditions.

When will I get paid?

Every month Social Car will transfer the total sum of the owner’s rentals from the previous month into their bank account.
Social Car’s commission is deducted and VAT added to this sum.

Don’t forget

The owners are in charge of setting their daily, weekly and monthly vehicle rates.

Social Car can help the owner in setting an appropriate price, based on competitive market criteria (price comparisons with similar vehicles in the area and our experience with thousands of car hire transactions).

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