How does the deposit work?

For every vehicle hire booking, we charge a deposit to protect both the driver and the owner.
The deposit depends on the type of vehicle.

Vehicle type Deposit
Small car, mid-size car From €100.00 to €400.00
Car, sedan, family car, 4x4, convertible car, van From €200.00 to €600.00
Sport car, luxury car, motorhome From €300.00 to €900.00
Classic car, motorhome low profile, motorhome coachbuilt, motorhome a class, camper From €600.00 to €900.00

When the rental period is over, if we have not been notified of any issues (damage to the car, delay in returning it, low petrol tank, etc.), the deposit is fully reimbursed.

The deposit will be automatically reimbursed in maximum 14 days after the rental period. If there are any issues, reimbursement will be delayed until they have been dealt with.

If the vehicle has been damaged during the rental period and this damage is insured, the driver will be responsible for covering the insurance franchise (see details). The remainder will be covered by the insurance.

Don’t forget

Social Car bears no responsibility for any delays in reimbursing the deposit that are caused by the internal administrative procedures of the credit card company.

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