What happens if there is an accident or breakdown?

It is very unusual that something goes wrong during a rental. But if it does, you have an insurance and roadside assistance to sort out any problems quickly and effectively. These are the standard steps you should take:

In the case of a breakdown:

  1. Call roadside assistance (Tel: 0034 934 957 607 or 902 106 608). If they can fix the problem, you can continue with the rental as planned.
  2. If the problem cannot be repaired, send an email to Social Car (incidencia@socialcar.com) and the car's owner to inform them. Roadside assistance will take the car to the nearest garage or to the owner’s usual garage. They will also take the driver of the vehicle to the point where their journey started or where it was going to end (depending on the circumstances).
  3. If the damage was not made by the driver, Social Car will return part of rental corresponding to the unused rental period.

In case of an accident:

  1. If there is no other driver involved, the process is the same as with a breakdown.
  2. If there is another driver involved, they must jointly fill in the accident statement to be sent to SocialCar.
  3. In case of a breakdown, the driver is only responsible if the fault is caused by bad use of the vehicle during the rental period.

To inform Social Car of these types of issues, please write to incidencia@socialcar.com

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